We have not made our final decision yet about our X# Summit in Memmingen, but it looks like it will be difficult to do an event like that in 2020. Many other companies have already cancelled their meetings.For example, we learned this week that Microsoft is cancelling all major events until Q2 of 2021.
Also most European governments have strict rules about what is allowed and what not and things are not looking good if you like to attend conferences.

In response to that many companies have decided to change their normal events to Virtual, Online events.

We are also looking into this. Even when we are lucky and may be able to hold our event, it is probably a good idea to start with virtual events as well.

At this moment we are thinking about using a platform such as Microsoft Teams - Live Events to broadcast sessions to our users.
You would be able to view these sessions live and participate and discuss with the speaker using a Q&A chat window. Afterwards we would of course also publish a recording of these sessions in our YouTube Channel.
Sessions could be the length of regular conference sessions (60-90 minutes), but we can also imagine short demonstrations of new features that have made it into the product. And who knows, maybe you would like to see some live coding as well ?

Of course this is only useful if you, our customers, are interested in something like this.

Please use the comment feature on the website or our forum to let us know what you think about this.

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