In January we have shared our list of "things to do" with our subscribers and asked them to help us prioritize the development.
We have analyzed the feedback and combined that with our own ideas and have come with the following plan for 2021.
But before we list the results, we would really like to thank our subscribers for the very positive feedback. The most requested feature was "that we stay in business". And that is exactly what we plan to do !

Finally the obvious disclaimer: these are our plans. They are not set in stone. We will adjust these plans whenever we see fit.

When SubSystem Deliverables


Compiler /
  • New compiler based on C# 9 with support for Local Functions, USING statements and more. This also prepares the compiler for new features in .Net 5 and .Net Core.
  • Additional FoxPro runtime functions
  • Improved FoxPro array support
  • Beta version of VO GUI Classes based on Windows Forms and VO SQL classes based on Ado.Net
  • ExecScript() support based on the Full Roslyn scripting engine 
  • Runtime Debugging support with windows built in the Runtime to show workareas/cursors, globals, privates and settings
  • Visual Studio performance enhancements and improvements in the code completion.
  • FoxPro project to VS solution converter. This includes a first layer of UI classes that map the FoxPro UI to Windows Forms.


  • New languages features, such as improved Tuples support
  • Parsing of FoxPro embedded SQL
  • Beta version of SQL RDD that uses Ado.Net to fetch data.
  • Implementation of FoxPro embedded SQL based on Advantage Database Server
  • Additional FoxPro runtime functions
  • Release of VO GUI Classes based on Windows Forms and VO SQL classes based on Ado.Net
  • Speed improvements for Shared DBF access
VS / Build
  • Beta version of support for .Net 5 and .Net Core (the compiler already supports this)
  • Improvements to the FoxPro project converter and support libraries

Later /
when it is ready

Compiler /
  • Adjust our runtime to work with .Net 5 and .Net Core
  • The last missing FoxPro runtime functions
  • Optimized version of the ExecScript() support
  • FoxPro reporting (based on ReportPro)
VS / Build System
  • Release version of support for .Net 5 and .Net Core in the build system and Visual Studio
  • Debugger improvements
  • Support for .Net 6
  • Additional project templates for various platforms and problems.
  • Adjust ReportPro 2 to use Windows Forms for its UI and support FoxPro reports
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