We have just released XSharp "Anjou" Build 1.02 to our FOX subscribers
This release fixes the bug that some of our users have experienced with Visual Studio 2017 build 15.2 and later.
We have also added many new features in Visual Studio and have made some smaller improvements to the compiler.
Unfortunately we found some issues in the Visual Studio integration with the Smartindent and Format Document features, so we have decided to disable those in this build.
FOX subscribers can download the installer for the new version in the downloads area on this website

Below is a list of the most important changes in this build:


  • Added support for XML doc generation. We support the same tags that the C# compiler and other .Net compilers support.
  • When declaring a type with the same name as the assembly now a compiler error is generated with a suggested work around.
  • Indexed access to bytes in a PSZ is now 1 based like in VO when the VO dialect is used. The Vulcan dialect needs 0 based index access like Vulcan.
  • For ambiguous code where the compiler has to choose between a Function call and a static method call in any other class, the compiler now chooses the function call over the method call (Vo and Vulcan dialect). The warning will still be generated.
  • When passing a variable by reference with the @ sign the compiler will now check to see if the declared type of the function/method parameter matches the type of the local variable.


  • The scripting was not working in release 1.01

Visual Studio Integration

  • Fixed a 'hang' that could occur with Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3 and later
  • Added quickinfo for globals and defines
  • Added completionlists for globals and defines
  • Added VO Form editor to edit vnfrm/xsfrm files and generate the code and resources
  • Added VO Menu editor to edit vnmnu/xsmnu files and generate the code and resources
  • Added VO DbServer editor and VO Fieldspec editor to edit vndbs/xsdbs and vnfs/xsfs files and generate the code and resources
  • Added keyword and identifier case synchronization.
  • Prebuild and Postbuild entries in the project file are now configuration specific
  • Added support for XML Doc generation in the project system

VO Xporter

  • Fixed a problem when importing certain VO 2.7 AEF files
  • Fixed a problem with acceptable characters in the solution folder name
  • VO Form and menu entities are also included in the xsproj file
  • Added an option to the INI files to specify the Vulcan Runtime files location (RUNTIMELOCATION)


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