Just a quick message to let you know that we're completing a small update to XSharp Bandol.
This updated fixes some issues that were found by FOX subscribers after the release.
This update will also be released (a few days later) to the general public.

We have also heard that a new version of XS2Ado is ready and that a version of bBrowser for the X# runtime is also well on its way.

Stay tuned !

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Updates for ReportPro 2 and ReportPro 3 for the X# runtime have been uploaded to the download areas on this website.

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We are very proud to announce that we have released XSharp Bandol 2.0 GA to our FOX subscribers today.

This new release concludes the beta period of the XSharp Runtime. This runtime consists of a library of runtime functions, an RDD system and a macro compiler. We have also migrated the Visual Objects SDK libraries to XSharp and recompiled them to work with the XSharp runtime.

With this new release of XSharp you can now migrate Visual Objects applications to .Net without the need for any other products.
Your Visual Objects applications should migrate with minimal changes.

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To celebrate the release of XSharp Bandol GA we have created a special 25% discount on our Friends Of XSharp membership price. This special offer lasts until September 30, 2019.

Read more about the Friends Of XSharp program on this page or order the product directly from our webshop at Shareit


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A quick status update to let you know that we are on schedule for our upcoming Bandol 2.0 release.

All of the open issues have been resolved and we have also successfully recompiled ReportPro 2, ReportPro 3 and Vo2Ado (now called Xs2Ado) with the X# runtime.
So those of you who depend on these libraries should expect no problems.

When no show stoppers are found this week then we'll release this version by the end of this week.

After that, for build 2.1, we will work on further Visual FoxPro compatibility, such as completing the FoxPro language support (class definitions, header file with the necessary commands) and FoxPro runtime support. Build 2.1 will also include the SDF and DELIM RDDs that are used to read and write text files. We also intend to add support for parameters by reference to functions and methods with CLIPPER calling convention.

Stay tuned !

 August 15 update

Internal testing has revealed some problems that we really like to fix before shipping this new release. We need a couple of more days. Thanks for your patience !

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