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Online demo: X# and future .Net versions (.Net Core and .Net 5) 07 Aug 2020 10:57 #15483

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  • On Thursday August 13 at 16:00 CEST. we'll have an online demo about X# and future .Net versions (.Net Core and .Net 5)
    In this session we'll demonstrate:
    • How does X# compile and run against the various versions of the .Net Framework at this moment?
      We'll look at both VS and XIDE.
    • What will change for .Net Core and .Net 5?
    • The build system for X# for .Net Core and .Net 5
    • We'll demo how to create an X# .Net 5 /.Net core app in how to deploy it with its own copy of the runtime and as a single exe.
    • Hopefully we'll also be able to demo an early version of the VS integration for .Net Core and .Net 5 (not sure yet, fingers crossed :) )
    • What code changes are needed to compile for future .Net versions?
    The idea of this session is not only to show that it works, but also to explain a bit about the background about building for various .Net versions.

    The online session will use Zoom. The login details will be posted on the website on Thursday morning.

    XSharp Development Team
    The Netherlands

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