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This dialect shares the features of "All Non Core Dialects"

The compiler and runtime have the following "special" behavior when compiling for the "Xbase++" dialect.


Allows 4 letter abbreviations of those keywords where this is also supported in Xbase++

Allows "&&" as same line comment characters, just like "//"

The '@' operator is only used to pass variables by reference.

The preprocessor adds a define __XPP__ with a value of TRUE

Allows ENDFOR instead of NEXT

Adds the Xbase++ specific CLASS syntax to define classes

The entry point to the code is the main() function or main() procedure.


FieldGet() and FieldPut() will not throw an error when writing to non existing field Positions

If you use the index operator on a usual which contains a string then you will be receive the 1 based substring of the value.