Name ReportPro 2.36 for XSharp 2.60

Version 2.36

  • Recompiled for X# Runtime 2.60
  • Renamed abstract class RpReport to RpReportBase.
  • Added class RpReport inheriting from RpReportSql, so that apps ported from VO can use this directly, without needing to make code changes.
  • Added default values to constructor params of rpReportSql and made lModal param TRUE by default in rpReportRdd:PrintPreview()
  • Fix for errors when printing custom reports
  • Added default parameters to PtrDevice:PrintPreview()
  • Fix for Section validation errors when opening a report.
  • Reverted back recent image-related changes that were breaking image handling.
  • The embedded Advantage RDD DLL name now is X# aware.
  • Fixed PSZ management for Graphs
  • Increased size of field expression window, all fields are now larger and the expression editor uses Courier New (non proportional) font
  • Fixed a problem with command menu in Section properties dialog not showing
  • Added default values to several method parameters, such as SetPrinterByName()
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