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Date added: 2019-11-26
Last modified on: 2021-03-07
Version: 2.35

Version 2.35
- Recompiled for X# Runtime 2.10
- Correction to RpReport:PrintingDevice Assign: Reassigning the PrintingDevice was clearing some settings. This has been fixed
- BoundingBoxEx:Normalize() is now returning a BoundingBoxEx object. This fixes a problem in the designer
- We have enabled HtmlHelp throughout RP2. The help file names have been changed from rp2.hlp to rp2.chm and EnableHtmlHelp(TRUE) is called where needed.
- We have fixed the Excel Export. This now uses 'early' bound code.
- rpRDDTable:SetIndexTag was not restoring the current workarea correctly. This has been fixed.
- RpPicture:LoadImage() was not properly handling lRetainAspectRatio. This has been fixed.
- rpGraph:InitExpressions() was not properly evaluating teh expressions on all columns. This has been fixed.
- rpGraphAxisX and rpGraphAxisY were not properly destroying all PSZs that were allocated. This has been fixed.
- When the mouse pointer was not standard in the Designer and the mouse pointer was moved out of the "client" area then
flickering of the mouse pointer would be seen. This has been fixed.