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Date added: 2022-11-23
Last modified on: 2022-11-23
Version: 2.40

Version 2.40

  • Fixed a problem with rotated fonts in PDF files
  • Fixed some issues with integer divisions and rounding that could lead to inaccurate positions
  • Fixed a problem exporting to PDF files with the Cambria font and other fonts where a single TTF file contains multiple fonts
  • Dates in Excel files are written in YYYY/MM/DD format
  • Fixed a problem with underlining in RTF fields
  • Improved the speed of certain font related operations

Version 2.39

  • Version 2.38 was compiled against a X# runtime that was not yet released and therefore did not work on machines with 2.8 builds of X#.

Version 2.38

  • Added export button to the designer window
  • The line distance for rotated fonts was not the same as for the non-rotated font
  • When a PDF was generated with a rotated font and that font had the same attributes as the previous fonts, then the rotated font is not written to the PDF

Version 2.37

  • The source code was cleaned up a LOT
  • Added German Language DLL
  • Language DLLs are now compiled with X# Core and have no references to other DLLs
  • Added Font Rotation for 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees to the designer. Please note that files changed with 2.37 will most likely not be readable for earlier versions of ReportPro.
  • Fixed problems with locating Language DLLs when they were loaded with the old (Vo) names.
  • Fixed problem with using the designer in an app where the main window was not a ReportPro window
  • Fixed error when reading device capabilities for certain printers
  • Fixed initial size of the preview window
  • Added a constructor to the RpReportDesigner that has the same parameters as the RpReportRDD class so you can also use it as Report Viewer.
  • Bitmap images and RTF text that were drawn on row /column 0 would be moved to the current position. This has been corrected.
  • Toolbar buttons on print preview dialog now have a tooltip
  • Several changes in the print preview window. Incl. improved support for the mouse wheel
  • Fix for RTF text with underline color
  • Speed improvements in “Goto page” in preview mode.