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Date added: 2021-09-28
Last modified on: 2021-09-28
Version: 2.34

Changes in 2.34
- Line distance for multi line rotated fields is now equal for the line distance for non rotated fields
- Fixed problem with export to Word
- Added Export button to the designer window

Changes in 2.33
- Fixed issues with font rotation when the text alignment was not Left
- Multi line text fields should now print bottom up when font rotation is 180 degrees
- For Font Rotation 90 and 270 the text alignment is ignored and the print starts
on the Bottom left side (90 = up) or Top left side (270 = down)
- The Font Rotation box is now centered on the active window
- In some situations the fonts in the designer were also rotated after a preview or print.
This has been fixed.

Changes in 2.32
- Added Font Rotation dialog to the designer for fields and text fields
- Added Font Rotation support to Printing
- Added Font Rotation support to PDF output

Changes in 2.31
- Image fields were not properly sized when "Retain Aspect Ratio" was selected
- Several small changes in the UI of the designer :
x width and height of several band elements has increased.
x several dialogs are now resizable
x active section is now painted with bold text
x font for various elements has been changed to Verdana
x fixed a repaint error after a field was edited in the expression dialog
- Fixed a problem with rendering of RTF fields with negative paragraph indents
- When the printer defined in the report is available on another port it is now also selected
- You can now define the TEMP folder used by ReportPro by adding a TempPath setting in the environment section of RpWin.ini
- Small changes to the export format for ASCII, HTML and Excel