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Functions.Descend Method

Create a descending order key value.

Namespace:  XSharp.RT
Assembly:  XSharp.RT (in XSharp.RT.dll) Version: 2.18
 FUNCTION Descend(
	uValue AS USUAL
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Type: Usual
Any valid expression of string, date, logical, or numeric type. Memo type is treated in the same way as string type.

Return Value

Type: Usual
An inverted expression of the same data type as the uValue, except for dates which return a numeric value.
If uValue is Chr(0), Descend() returns Chr(0).
Descend() is a conversion function that returns the inverted form of the specified expression. You can use it as part of the key expression when you create an order with the INDEX command or the DBCreateIndex() or DBCreateOrder() functions.
To subsequently perform a lookup with the SEEK command of DBSeek() function, specify Descend() in the search expression. The preferred way to create a descending order is to use the DESCEND clause of the INDEX command or set the lDescend flag to TRUE using the DBSetOrderCondition() before creating the order.
This has the same effect as using the Descend() function in the order key expression, but without the performance penalty during updates.
If you create a descending order in this manner, you do not need to use the Descend() function during a seek operation.
This example uses Descend() in an order key expression to impose descending date order on the database file:
1USE sales NEW
2INDEX ON Descend(SaleDate) TO salesdate
Later, use Descend() to SEEK a key value:
1SEEK Descend(dFindDate)
You could use the DESCEND keyword instead of Descend(), which is the recommended practice:
1USE sales NEW
2INDEX ON SaleDate TO salesdate DESCEND
Then, you would seek the key value in the normal manner:
This example illustrates how to create a descending order using more than one data type. Here, the key is created using the concatenation of date and character fields after the appropriate type conversion has taken place.
This example uses Str() instead of DToS() since Descend() of a date returns a numeric value:
1USE sales NEW
2INDEX ON Str(Descend(SaleDate)) + salesman TO;
3    lastsale
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