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XSharp.XPP Namespace

This namespace contains the Functions class that implements the Runtime functions available in XSharp.XPP.DLL.
Public classAbstract
Public classClassObject
The worker class to help create classes at runtime.
Public classDataObject
The Xbase++ DataObject class.
Public classFunctions
This compiler generated class contains all the functions, globals and defines that are defined in the XSharp.XPP.dll assembly.
Public classStaticClassObject
This class returns the ClasssObject for classes created at compile time This object allows to access static members and methods late bound Such as
Public classXAction
Helper class that stores actions (codeblocks) for XML nodes
Public classXDocument
Helper class that is used by the XML functions
Public classXError
Helper class that stores errors for an XML document
Public classXPPCollations
A strongly-typed resource class, for looking up localized strings, etc.
Public enumerationXppCollations
List of possible values for XBase++ collations